Short “Facade” Script




ALEXIS, a young recluse, rolls over in her bed and looks at her clock. It reads: 1:13 p.m. She sighs and listens to the heavy rain hit her roof. She walks to her window and let’s up the blinds. She looks down at the street. Traffic is terrible.


They told me this was a city of success. They told me success would make me happy. I’m not the only person they told…

She spots a young person holding a cardboard sign that says: Please Help.


They spoke as if our wildest fantasies were easy to obtain. They said we just needed to work hard and follow simple steps. They said, “Everyone can do it!”

A car crashes.


All the secrets would be revealed for a price…They’re captivating lies brought us all here. Nothing is like what they said.

The people involved in the car crash exit their cars and yell at each other.


They tricked us. We leave everything behind and move, we pay their fees. What do we get in return? Not what they promised. Not even close. We paid more than money for insecurity, fear, confusion, pain, and regret.

The people yelling start throwing punches.


Why don’t we move? We have nothing left. We’re stuck. Although together, we’re torn apart from each other and on the inside. Why would anyone in our past take us back? We left them for selfish ambitions. We told them we loved them. Our actions told them otherwise.

Policemen come running and arrest the distraught drivers.


Not so sure what I have left besides myself, my disappointed self. I have no dignity. I did whatever it took, now I have nothing. My hands and soul are empty. But my heart stays hopeful and tells me that there has to be a way out of this soul-dimming facade.





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