Part One of Act Two: Elementise (Test Run)


The small arena is filled with children who are training their fighting skills. They’re wearing HEALING HARNESSES. (When a fighter gets hurt, they are healed within seconds. This only works in training facilities within the Mentninja Empire.)

Adrian enters and notices some students in the bleachers. He walks onto the bleachers and sit next to them. The students start whispering among themselves and move away. Adrian sighs.

ROXIE, a perky girl around Adrian’s age, sits next to him.

ROXIE: Hi, I’m Roxie!


ROXIE: I know who you are.

ADRIAN: Oh. Well, can I ask you something?

ROXIE: Sure Adrian, you can ask me anything.

ADRIAN: Okay… Why doesn’t anyone like me? I didn’t do anything bad.

ROXIE: I like you.

Roxie’s eyes begin to sparkle.

ROXIE (CONT’D): If everyone saw you the I do everyone would be in love you!


ROXIE (nervously): What? I think I hear someone calling me. Gotta go!

Roxie dashes out of the arena. Adrian scratches his head.



RUS, a gravity Mentninja, and VAL, an ice Mentninja along with Jason are hiding behind buildings. Many of guards are walking the streets with very large weapons.

RUS: I think we can take them.

VAL: Yes, however if there are these many guards in the streets…

JASON: Then there are probably twice as many in the castle.

Rus studies the weapons the guards are carrying.

RUS: What are those things anyway? I’ve never seen them before.

VAL: They’re machinery weapons of some kind.

JASON: Macheguns. Half machete, half guns.

RUS: What’s a gun?

JASON: You really need to get out more, Rus.

VAL: What do we do?

JASON: Well, if we engage as planned, the chances of us getting captured are likely. But if we wait, they may attack the empire.

VAL: But if we go ahead and kill the ruler, maybe the rest of the kingdom will fall.

RUS: What we should’ve did with Bonzal from the start.

JASON: I’d say it’s worth a try.

RUS: Alright. What are we waiting for?

The three make their way through the kingdom, blending in with the shadows and dark roofs, to the CASTLE.

Val freezes the guards who are standing by the entrance of the castle. Rus lifts them up and sends them flying off into a distance. Jason takes his sword and slides it down through the crack of the double doors. It cuts the lock and the three Mentninjas enter the castle.

Val freezes everything, causing the guards and night servants slipping as they freeze. Rus and Jason use their abilities to get up the staircase and make their way to the RULER’S ROOM.

Jason quietly cuts the lock.

RUS: Are you sure this is the right room?
Jason scowls at Rus.

RUS: Alright.

Jason bursts through the doors, but the room is empty. Jason closes his eyes, trying to calm himself and feel the ruler’s energy.

Suddenly, the lights in the hallway come on. Guards coming from the left and right rush toward Rus and Jason.

RUS: The ruler’s not here!

Jason and Rus brace themselves as the guards get closer.

JASON: We need a way out.

RUS: Now, I knew that!

JASON: Lift us up!

Rus obeys as Jason uses his Sword to send a torrent of water through the hallway. All the guards are swept away.

Val comes up the steps. She creates a wide ice slide through the ruler’s room to the outside of the castle. The three Mentninjas slide down.

VAL: Apparently they planned our arrival.

JASON: This isn’t good. Retaliation is inevitable, and so was this event.

RUS: So no matter what, you’re visions will take place?

JASON: Unfortunately. Come on.

Jason leads Rus and Val out of the kingdom.



Jason, Val, Rus, and Rantal are sitting at the council table with solemn faces.

JASON: The ruler wasn’t there. Now he…

VAL: Or she…

JASON: …or she, will see the attempt and declare war against us.

EMPEROR RANTAL: Are you sure?

JASON: Master, there isn’t a reason why it won’t happen. We need to make preparations now.

The emperor suddenly looks older and weaker than usual. His face becomes pale.

RUS: Master?

EMPEROR RANTAL (almost silently): You’re dismissed.

VAL: What, Master?

EMPEROR RANTAL (shouted): Leave me!

The three warriors quickly stand up, bow, and exit.

The emperor covers his face, in depression and disbelief.


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