Short “Facade” Script

Facade FADE IN: INT.APARTMENT BUILDING-DAY ALEXIS, a young recluse, rolls over in her bed and looks at her clock. It reads: 1:13 p.m. She sighs and listens to the heavy rain hit her roof. She walks to her window and let’s up the blinds. She looks down at the street. Traffic is terrible. ALEXIS They […]

Part One of Act Two: Elementise (Test Run)

INT.TRAINING ARENA-LATE AFTERNOON The small arena is filled with children who are training their fighting skills. They’re wearing HEALING HARNESSES. (When a fighter gets hurt, they are healed within seconds. This only works in training facilities within the Mentninja Empire.) Adrian enters and notices some students in the bleachers. He walks onto the bleachers and […]

Hello Everyone!

Hi! This is Brittany from and A long time ago when I first started the writing journey blog I said I was going to post some scenes that I write in my spare time. Now I’m finally going to! I’m so excited to start this new blog dedicated to my screenwriting. I hope you […]